<aside> 🤗 This group is for anyone interested in discussing new ways of engaging with global climate change. All skills and backgrounds are welcome. You might feel confused about the best way to help, guilty that you aren’t doing more, or even wondering if it’s too late anyway. We will share approaches on the issues that will leave you with more optimism and areas to focus that make a difference.


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Who We Are

The Seattle Climate Change Meetup is a collective of concerned and engaged Seattle citizens interested in accelerating proven solutions that can reverse global warming. We create and facilitate forums for people with all levels of experience to learn from each other and develop strategies and projects they are passionate about. On this site, we keep links to all of the materials we cover in our workshops and meetup group meetings which you can find here at our Meetup page.

Learn More About the People and What We Do

Apocalyptic climate fears and hope: Seattle meetup aims to reverse climate change, or at least our grief over it

On Sunday December 8, 2019 Evan Bush from the Seattle Times published a front page article highlighting our work to help people overcome their fears of the climate crisis by discussing solutions and moving into action.

Seattle Climate Change Meetup Group (Seattle, WA)

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About the Seattle Climate Change Meetup Group


Below are the links resources (videos, presentations, movies, books, links, articles) etc.👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Awakening the Dreamer Resources

The first step in the journey of effective climate action is to understand why things are the way they are. In this workshop series we focus on the “Dream of the modern world” that underpins our way of life on this planet. These are the videos and resources from The Pachamama Alliance’s incredible workshop series that has inspired thousands of people around the world to wake up from their dream and become active engaged citizens working towards a regenerative future.

Introduction to Solutions and the Four Levels of Action

These are the videos and resources we use to facilitate our 90 minute introduction workshop where you get an overview of the solutions we know can reverse the crisis we are in as well as the 4 levels of actions framework that helps us think about our personal portfolio of action.

Five Week Getting into Action Series

After you have been introduced to the solutions and the framework for taking action, the next step is to create your action plan. These are the materials from the five-week course where we work through your personal action plan together.